NEW DIY Fashion – Tutu’s

This weeks DIY Fashion is all about the tutu!  This is a great DIY fashion that you and your lil babe can do together.  Click here to check out some of my older but still chic DIY Fashion.

DIY Fashion Tutu’s

The Tutu: I found this easy under 2 minute video tutorial on ModernMom’s crafting Youtube page.  It is simple and easy.  You can find the tutorial video below.  Enjoy.

What you will need:

Tulle spools (let your tot pick out the colors she wants her tutu to be, you can use more than one tulle color) Grab this at your local craft store (in the tutorial they used about 6 yards)



Daily Bottle Tip: Pair it with a funky Ba Ba Bling Toddler Tee!

Ba Ba Bling Baby Girly Skull Tee


2 thoughts on “NEW DIY Fashion – Tutu’s

  1. I made one last Christmas for my daughter’s Xmas pageant when they had to wear white and she didn’t have a white dress/skirt. This is SO easy to do and such a fun craft. And I can’t sew to save my life so this was indeed lifesaving!

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