DIY Halloween/Fall Crafts

Hold onto your broom sticks …every Wednesday for the month of October, up until Halloween, the Daily Bottle will be posting fun, spooky and yes mom, easy to clean up, Halloween craft ideas that you and your lil tot can make together.

This week’s DIY craft is the GLITTERED PUMPKIN!  As you know, the Daily Bottle is a huge fan of anything that sparkles.  Decorate your home and have fun with your tots with this super easy craft.  Ok …so this could get a little messy, so my suggestion is to make this outdoors or in the garage.  Or you may be cleaning up glitter up until Christmas!  Need a visual, head over to for the how-to video.

What you need:

  • Small pumpkins
  • Medium-sized paintbrush
  • Glitter (any color …but if decorating home, fall colors like bronze and reds are a good choice!)
  • White Glue
  • Paper plate or newspaper
  • Brown acrylic paint

How to:

1. With paintbrush, spread layer of white glue over the surface of a small pumpkin. Place pumpkin on a paper plate or newspaper to catch excess glitter.

2. Sprinkle powder glitter over glue, covering completely. Let dry for an hour, then shake off excess powder.

3. Coat stem with brown acrylic paint, let dry. Once dry, the stem can also be covered in brown glitter if desired. The pumpkins will keep for months.

1. It’s easiest to do half the pumpkin and sprinkle with glitter, let dry, and continue with the other half.
2. There’s no need to completely cover the bottom, since it’s not seen. Also, it’s fine if your pumpkin has marks or mild blemishes, since you will be covering it with glitter.

DIY Glittered Pumpkins

DIY Glittered Pumpkin


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