5 Items to Keep in your Work Bag

As promised in my earlier week’s post ‘5 Accessories for the Fashionable Commuter‘ here are five items that every fashionable commuter should keep in their work bag.

  1. A tiny pill container with Advil, Benadryl, Vitamin C’s (Nature’s Promise) and a couple decongestants.  Customize this container to suit you.  Nothing worse then having to head out to cvs on your lunch break for only 2 Advil.

    Dr Scoll's for her jelly inserts Amazon.com

  2. All of my heeled boots and pumps in my closet have Dr. Scholl’s inserts in them.  You can get these inserts at Target for about $7.  When I have an outside work lunch or meeting, I do not change into my Uggs.  These jelly wonders make a world of difference.  Throw some Band-Aids in your bag too just in case.
  3. Extra phone charger or cable cord that can easily plug into your computer.  I have this at work so my phone is always charged.
  4. Energy bar and bottle of water.  I keep this in my work bag in the event my train gets stuck underground for days (I have watched way too many movies where this has happened!)

    Burberry perfume roller at Sephora.com

  5. Some extra cosmetic/toiletries for work survival: small pack of tissues,  nail filer, travel sized lotion, dental floss and a travel sized perfume (they have mini versions of your favorite perfume at Sephora) or even a free perfume tester.

Daily Bottle Work tip!  If you find that your black pants are full of hair from the dog, a quick tip is to take a fed ex label, peel the bag off, and blot the sticky part to your pants.  If you have packing tape available in your supply room at work, wrap it around your hand sticky side out and roll or blot your pants.  Good luck ladies!  It is brutal world out there.  Have some tips not listed …comment them below.




2 thoughts on “5 Items to Keep in your Work Bag

  1. Great tips and site! I love the jelly insert idea for your shoes. I am going to do that with my heels. You could also put nail clippers in your bag. You can use it for the stray nail, and also to cut strings from your clothing.

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