5 Accessories for the Fashionable Commuter

The daily grind of traveling to and from work each day can be draining for all working women.  Packed trains, hot buses and the usual delay is something that each commuter knows all to well.  According to WebMD’s Health News, they found that the long commute to and from work takes a bigger toll on women’s mental health than men’s.

Since there is no end in sight, I am going to give all my fashionable commuters five must-have accessories that will make your commute and your look more enjoyable.

  1. Large Cross Body Bag.  This is a commuter MUST!  Whether you are driving it, busing it or training it, if you have a bag that you can throw across your chest you will be much …much happier.  Score more points if you have a zipper compartment in the front of the bag where you can easily reach for bus, train, keys and/or your work pass.  If you have a work bag, with your work gear in it, your sanity will thank you and hopefully all you will need to do is grab and go in the morning.  Because I have a shopping problem, I usually buy a new work bag each season.  I make sure the material is durable, easily cleanable (shoe repairs places will clean bags), the straps are stitched good and that there are plenty of compartments.  I was going to link to another blog that gave a list of items to have in your work bag, but I could not find a good one.  I will post a ‘Items to keep in your work bag” on Friday.

    Shoe Tote travel bag Amazon.com

  2. Comfy boots and/or Flats.  This varies by the season.  Fall/winter months I pull my Uggs out.  Spring/summer months is for my flats.  I see way too many ladies hobbling in and off of trains looking like they sat on a fence because their feet are killing them (and yes been there done that).  I get that we want to look good at all cost, but trust me this does not look good.  Keep a couple pairs of heels under your desk or in your drawer at work so you can easily change into them when you get in.  Or wrap your heels in a plastic bag (or invest in a shoe bag) and throw them in your work bag.  You can also opt for flip flops in the summer.  I live and work in the city, so I tend to stay away from commuting in my flops.
  3. Small cosmetic pouch.  And this is not for cosmetics.  I have a work bag, and a work pouch that stays in it.  It is a small LeSportsacpouch that has multiple compartments.  In this pouch I carry my debit card, one credit card, license, extra cash, lip gloss, small concealer, pen, business cards, gum and an extra hair tie (and yes I just checked and typed it in).  You can personalize your pouch with items you would need daily at work.  Ever see someone shifting through their bag trying to find their cash.  If you keep it in one little pouch, you will eliminate looking like a crazy person.  Just don’t forget to switch this pouch to your everyday purse when you get home.  I cost myself a ton of trips back home because I forgot to switch and did not have my license on me.




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