DIY Fashion – Soften Your Pucker Naturally

This weeks DIY Fashion is all about your lips!  Nothing worse than when you apply a colored lipstick and your lips are flakey and chapped.  It just doesn’t feel or look good.  I found an easy at home recipe that actually works to end chapped lips.  Click here to check out some of my older but still chic DIY Fashion.

DIY Fashion: Lip balm

Soften Your Pucker: Grab the below ingredients and head over to DIY Fashion for the step-by-step recipe.  And make sure to apply daily!

What you will need:

What you’ll need:
– A tube of nearly empty lipstick
– A small tin container. (An empty Altoid tin would be perfect!)
– Beeswax
– Essential oil (Try almond oil for moisture or peppermint or coconut oil for a refreshing scent).
– A double boiler


2 thoughts on “DIY Fashion – Soften Your Pucker Naturally

  1. Def going to try this! Alll natural & safe ingredients. Women have too many chemicals in make-up and this is a fantastic safe lip balm!! Thxs!

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