DIY Fashion – Colorful Headbands

This weeks DIY Fashion is all about headbands!  Why pay money for an expensive headband when you and your tot can personalize one for each of you!  And plus what’s better than when someone asks where did you get your cool headband …and you can reply oh this, I made it.  Click here to check out some of my older but still chic DIY Fashion.

DIY colorful headbands

The Braided headband: I love this one.  Grab an old tee that you dont wear anymore, or buy a new one for under $3 at Michaels or JoAnn’s in any color you like (the brighter the better!) and wear it to the gym, to work or create a matching one with you and your tot!  Head over to Make it and Love it for the step by step how-to.

What you will need:

Tee (remember neon is in this season!)


Pin & thread (You do not need to be a master sewer for this DIY)


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