The Friday Find: Curl Pins

Let’s face it ladies, there’s a ton of great fashion ideas and trends out there.  The hard part is filtering which ones are worth trying.  In my Friday Finds section I will post a new trend or product that is totally worth trying and investing in.  So make sure to check back every week.

Hair clips

Want to know how to create a lasting beautiful curl?  Hair pins ladies!  They have been around for ages, and they arent going anywhere!  Anthology has great hair clips that do not leave an imprint in your hair.

How to Pin Curl:

    1. Wash and blow-dry hair as usual.
    2. Section hair into  one-inch sections.  Bigger curls use bigger sections for tighter curls use smaller sections.
    3. Twist the hair section gently from the ends to the root; the tighter the  twist, the tighter the curl. Wind the twisted hair around your finger, which is  placed close to the head. Slide the curl off your finger onto your head and secure with a hair clip.
    4. Heat each section with a blow-dryer.  Let set for a good 10 minutes.  Undo and shake hair out.  Beautiful!

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