Wrinkle-free: Minus the Iron!

One of my pet peeves is wrinkles in my clothes.  It is totally unavoidable for me as I 1: Dont dry clean every piece of clothing 2:  Dont iron every piece of clothing 3: Tend to throw my clothes in my closet in a ball.  Here I will give you my secrets to getting wrinkles out of your clothes in less then 10 minutes.

Tired of ironing???

  1. The Dryer is your friend!  This is my go-to wrinkle remover.  I throw my wrinkled pants/top/jacket in the dryer with a moistened wash cloth and set the dryer on fluff or low heat for 10 minutes.  When finished I pull out and shake once.
  2. Your flat iron is not just for your hair ladies!  One day I was in a complete rush, grabbed a tee and was like OMG are you kidding me.  It was so wrinkled (and I had nothing else to wear – at least this is what I thought).  I threw it in the dryer, which helped, but there was still wrinkles.  I had just flat-ironed my hair, grabbed the flat iron and straightened out the wrinkles like I had just done to my do.  I did it with caution as I wasnt sure how the cotton would take it.  Well it worked!  This is what I call multi-tasking my friends!
  3. Steam it up baby!  I found myself in a hotel room getting ready for a wedding with a dress that was wrinkled from the car ride.  I simply hung the dress in the bathroom while I took an extra hot steamy shower.  After I got out, I shook the dress out and took a damp wash cloth and smoothed over the dress.  Boom!  It worked.

Have some quick and easy ideas for getting wrinkles out without an iron?!!?!   Share some love below!


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