‘This is beautiful, what is this, velvet?’

Oh darling well thank you, it’s vintage.  What???!??!!  What does that mean!  Well ladies, here is my quick “What, Why & Where” of buying ‘vintage’:

Vintage dress

The What: Obviously vintage means clothing from an era or past, which can be 20 to over 50 years old.  People who sport ‘vintage’ clothing usually do so for the uniqueness of the product.

The Why: They don’t make em like they use too… you know how many times I have heard this from my pops.  But it’s true.  I was taught at a very young age from my grandmother who was the ‘seamstress’ of the family to look and see what the product is made of before you buy it.  By looking at the products materials it will tell you how well it will hold up.  My pops is right, past eras sometimes used better-quality materials and techniques.  Yes it may be used, but the quality is still there.

The Where:  Secondhand thrift stores offer some great finds.  But know before you go.  Know that you need to learn about certain brands and their age.  Ignore sizing, which changes through the years.  Check the general wear and tear of the product, the elbows for tops, the knees for pants, the hems (this is the only place that is easily fixable if you see a tear), look at the parts of the product that usually gets the most stress.  Turn the product inside out and check the seams for fading.

Vintage necklace

The only ‘vintage’ clothing I have in my closet is from my high-school days.  But that doesn’t mean I will never buy vintage clothing.  I do have vintage jewelry.  From a very young age I have been fascinated with vintage jewelry.  The workmanship, the quality and the beauty is stunning.  I love how each piece holds an untold story.  Especially if it is a story that comes from my own background.


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