DIY Fashion – Spring to Summer Nails

Happy Monday!  This weeks DIY Fashion is all about nails!  Yep …As many of you know I am a huuuuuge fan of nail polish and I found some super chic nail how-to’s that are easy and perfect for the warm weather!  Your nails will love you! Click here to check out some of my older but still chic DIY Fashion.

DIY Fashion - nails

Coral & Glitter– I saw this color last night on one of the Real Housewives of OC fingers.  lol yes I watch.  Anyways it is fun, and a great nail look for a partay or weekend outing color.  Head over to Love Maegan for the step-by-step to get this look using Martha Stewart’s Crafty Glue.  Or go to Sitting Pretty to grab this look without the glue and with nail polish only.

What you will need:

Nail polish in Coral

Martha Stewart Crafty Glitter Glue – optional

Nail polish in a gold glitter (I like Essie nail polish – click here for my post on spring nail colors) – optional

Clear Top Shine Coat

Polka Dot:  I see women or even kids sporting this nail art and I think wow that is so cool, I wonder which salon they got it done at.  Well ladies, they probably did it themselves because it aint hard!  Head over to Refinery 29for the easy step-by-step.  And remember, if putting polka dots on every finger is way to much, just do the polka dots on your ring fingers.  Or give yourself a pedicure and do the polka dot look on your big toe.

DIY Fashion - nails

What you will need:

Scrap paper or paper plate

Base color

Two dot colors

Several Q-tips

Top Coat


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