The Friday Find: 3 chic boho braids

Let’s face it ladies, there’s a ton of great fashion ideas and trends out there.  The hard part is filtering which ones are worth trying.  In my Friday Finds section I will post a new trend or product that is totally worth trying and investing in.  So make sure to check back every week.

I received a ton of requests for different ways to style your hair (and because I love trying new things with my do) I am going to keep with the hair how-to again for this Friday find.  3 different chic ways to go boho and put braids in your hair.

1. The around the world braid:

Around the world braid

This is one of my favorite hair styles.  I love wearing this look with high-waist jeans, or even with a blouse and a high-waist skirt tucked in for work.  The first time trying is tricky if doing by yourself, but after that, it is very easy.  This is way cute on little girls!

For gals with shoulder-length to long hair.  If you dont have enough hair to braid all the way around, just place a cute clip or bow where the braid ends.

For the step by step with pics head over to A Cup of Joe.

What you will Need:

  • Hair pins
  • Hair accessories (if you have shorter hair, and your braid ends early)

2. The Tousled braid:   I actually wore this look to work today.  This is a very easy look.

What you will Need:

Tousled braid look

  • Hair Pins
  • Curling Iron (optional)

Take dry hair and spray all over with hair spray.  Part hair (whichever side you like).  Grab some hair at part and start braiding.  As you make your way across, make sure to keep grabbing more hair.  Stop grabbing additional hair at about the end of the other cheekbone and finish braiding.  Pin the end of the braid toward the back of your head.

Daily Bottle tip:  Apply texture gel, or styling gel to wet hair before you blow dry.  I use Bumble and Bumble products.

3. The Fishtail Braid:  For years I have seen celebs sport this braid and have always thought wow how cute that must take forever.  Well guess what ladies, it doesnt.  And it is super easy.  Head over to A Beautiful Mess for a step-by-step.  She actually uses optional colored yarn in the braid.  I personally dont use this, but it would be very cute on your lil tot.

What you will Need:

  • Hair tie
  • Colored yarn (optional)

    Fishtail braid


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