DIY Fashion – Spring Scarf

Happy Monday!  This weeks DIY Fashion is super cute and super easy.  To see DIY fashion from previous weeks click here.

The Spring Scarf – I found an AWESOME and easy DIY scarf.  I honestly would buy this scarf at a department store for $15.  This DIY scarf with materials only costs about $4 and your time.  Grab a tee in one of this Spring’s hottest colors tangerine, neon or metallic.  You could also totally do a kid version by buying a tee that fits them.  Head over to Color Issue for this great step by step tutorial.  Have fun!

What you will need:

Tshirt (JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels)


Green St Patty's Day Scarf

Pop Tab Bracelet:  This eco-friendly bracelet can be seen on the wrists of many celebs.  You will find the super easy step by step how-to over at Taking Off At Nine.

What you will need:

20-25 Pop Tabs (depending on size of wrist) Make sure there are no sharp edges

Two pieces of 18-20″ ribbon.  You can use two colors of the same kind of ribbon.  Colorblock here ladies!  Red and blue; Orange and Purple; Yellow and hot pink are all great ideas

Scotch tape (makes threading easier)


Pop tab bracelets


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