The Friday Find: The Sock Bun

Let’s face it ladies, there’s a ton of great fashion ideas and trends out there.  The hard part is filtering which ones are worth trying.  In my Friday Finds section I will post a new trend or product that is totally worth trying and investing in.  So make sure to check back every week.

1. The Sock Bun:

The Sock bun is a new method of styling your do with a sock.  Ha ha ha ok well not literally, but kinda yah.  One of my best buds wears this bun every day and loves it.  She said that it is easy and looks good.  It makes your bun look bigger and fuller.  Go to HelloGiggles site where you will find a great instructional step by step on how to create the sock bun with a sock from scratch.  This is kid friendly too.  But if making it for your little girl, use one of her small socks.

What you will Need:

  • Sock
  • Hair elastic
  • Scissors

and waaaahhh laaaa you’ll look like a princess minus the tiara.  I am going to make one this weekend and will post a pic of the final result.

The Sock bun


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