Top 5 Colors to wear this Spring (KID VERSION)

It’s ALL about COLOR, COLOR and more COLOR this Spring!  Give your babe a little pick me up after the long brutal winter months by incorporating one or all of the Daily Bottles top 5 faaaav colors for Spring 2012:

  1. Vivacious Juicy Oranges. Tangerine colored clothing is popping up everywhere.  Instead of stocking up on the same old mundane white and black tees for your tot, give your fashionista a little pump with a colorful tee to match their mood instead.

    Ba Ba Bling Superfly Collection

    Big for this Spring is Anoraks!

  2. Bright Colors (Neons).  Take a walk back down memory lane by adding a touch of neon pink, yellow, green to your kids wardrobe.  Neon colored shoe laces, suspenders, bot-ties or even nail polish add a touch of hip to any outfit.

    Bright Turquoise Fedora

  3. Pastel Shades.  Pastel shades are all the rage this spring season.  Moss, baby blue, pink, yellow and soothing neutrals.  Keep an eye out for neutrals with textures like lace accents.

  4. Colorblock.  This technique is here to stay through fall, but think brighter more intense colors.  I will dedicate an entire post with tips on how to perfect color blocking.  In the meantime, there are a ton of cute clothes in the stores that have perfected the color block you.  Daily Bottle Tip: Give your lil tot a colorblock manicure.  Let her pic out two bright colors and paint every other one a different colors!

  5. ♥ Metallic. The Daily Bottle’s favorite.  Shiny gold and silver.  You can find this look on screen-printed tees, zip up hoodies or even a pair of high tops.  I am a huge fan of anything that sparkles.

    Metallic hight top

 Do you have any ideas, inspiration, photos? Post/comment below!


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