The Skinny on Skinny Jeans (for ALL shapes)

I have received a ton of emails asking for tips on how to wear skinny jeans for the most challenging of shapes.  So ladies, here we go.  One of this seasons trends is colored skinny jeans.  And why shouldn’t you partake in this style trend?  Think of skinny jeans as leggings.  What would you normally wear with a pair of leggings?  Over-sized sweater or long cardigan, white tee with a black blazer.  Everything you would pair with leggings you can almost always pair with the skinny jean and even more.  Here are 3 ideas for your shape:

Daily Bottle Tips for all shapes & sizes:

  • If the skinny jeans bunch at the bottom, get em hemmed.  This looks sloppy and makes the jeans bunch from the bottom up.  If you don’t want to hem them, then roll them a couple times at the bottom and pair with flats or sandals.
  • Buy the size that fits you.  Who cares what is on the tag ladies!
  • If the jeans fit your bottom half but are bigger at the waist (or vice versa) try on a different brand.  Dont buy.  You are throwing money out the window and they will sit in your closet.
  •  Look for jeans with a spandex to them
  • Don’t air dry …tumble dry low

1.  The Petite Lady

Being petite doesn’t always mean you are super tiny.  Petite women are vertically challenged.  They need to find clothes that elongate their figure.  If you are petite and thin from top to bottom, you can get away with wearing skinny jeans with a tee tucked in and a colorful or studded belt.  You can also get away with a cropped top that shows only a little tummy when you raise your arms.  If you are petite but fully figured, look for longer flowy tops to pair with skinny jeans.  An off-shoulder top works, or even a longer cardigan and cinch a belt around your waist.  By cinching a belt around your waist, you emphasize it, while creating length at the same time.  Notice how petite women almost always wear really high pumps or wedges?  It is because it creates an illusion that they have longer legs.

Skinny Jeans - Top Rag & Bone

2.  The lil Extra Junk in the Trunk Lady (and/or plus size)

How to wear this look if you have thick thighs and a little junk in your truck (and I say this with love and a bit of jealousy because I wish I had some in my truck).  The skinny jean is your friend …really ladies!  Look for darker colors.  Navy blue, forest green and even black.  Pair it with a lighter color top.  Like an over-sized white tee.  And instead of wearing sandals or flats, add a pair of strappy open or closed toe wedges.

Skinny Jeans Not your Daughter's Jeans

3.  The Lady who has a lil extra around the waist

How to wear this look to avoid looking like a muffin?  Obv rule number one …buy your size.  If it bothers you that you are in a size 12 when you want to be in a size 6, then just cut the tags out, but buy the size 12.  When you buy your size, you actually look slimmer.  Look for a material that has a little stretch to it and make sure that the pant button lays right below your belly button.  Every single pair of colored skinny jeans in my closet has a stretch to them.  Pair with a blazer that sits at your waist.  And finally the shoes.  Grab a pair, flats, sandals, pumps or wedges that have a funky and/or different print to them.  It draws attention to your feet rather than your mid-section.

Skinny Jeans - Joe's Jeans

All images were put together by me via Polyvore


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