DIY Fashion Tote

Happy Monday!  This week’s DIY Fashion is ALL about the tote!  Here you will find a mom version and a kid version that is most fitting.

Kids Version:

The Travel Toy Tote – for when you take those long drives to visit the in-laws or for when you are heading on vacation you can give your tot the toy tote to fill with the toys they want to bring.  This will easily cut down on the clutter and amount of toys your child has while on vacation.  Tell them that they can bring whatever toys they want as long as it fits in their crafty toy tote!  All you need is a blank canvas tote that you can buy at any Michaels or JoAnn Fabric stores.  They come in all sizes and colors.  While there, grab some iron on embellishments.  You can find large initials, ballerinas, toy trucks and even iron on heart and/or star studs that you can line the straps with or best yet you can replace the bags handles with colorful twill tape or cover them with ribbon.  Before heading to the craft store, make sure to print out the week’s online coupons for that store.  Want to personalize it even more??!?!  Purchase Iron On transfer paper, and print (via your home printer) your tot’s name or initials onto the paper and press directly to the bag before you decorate it.

Iron-On How-To
Cut around images cleanly to avoid making jagged edges. Following transfer-paper manufacturer’s instructions, print images on transfer paper in black or in color and cut them out. Arrange images on bag, face up, for a preview (keeping in mind this is a mirror image of final design). When you’re ready to iron, place images face down. Iron over images, starting at edges of each and using even pressure so the image doesn’t slide. When iron-ons have cooled, remove backing paper.  Daily Bottle Tip:  DON’T FORGET TO MIRROR THE IMAGE IF WRITING LETTERS!

Does you little man like the ‘Wild Things’ book.  Help create a Wild Things Toy Tote by following the easy how-to directions found at bloesem kids.

DIY Kids Craft tote

Mom Version:

The Wine Tote – Were you invited to a friends house-warming party and unsure what to bring?  Or do you need a tote for the wine you bring to your favorite BYOB restaurant?  C-Wonder created the Wine Kit.  Its an easy how-to kit that comes with all supplies and enough of them to make 4 wine bags.  The monogrammed chalkboard on the front of the tote allows you to write a personalized message.  Very Cool!

Wine tote kit


2 thoughts on “DIY Fashion Tote

  1. Very clever gift ideas! Im dif going to craft stores & check out since it looks really easy to make! Thanks again!

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