DIY Fashion Shoes

Hey ladies – every Monday I will post a new kid-friendly DIY fashion tip to help get you through the week.  This weeks DIY fashion how-to is all about shoes, shoes and more shoes!

“I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” -Sex and the City

Right now stores are trying to get rid of their winter items, including boots.  Yes boots.  So go ahead and grab a pair of boots on-sale, or existing ones in your closet and apply the DIY Fashion found at This is Glamorous.  All you need is a pair of boots, fabric glue and glitter and baaaaam you will hear yourself chanting ‘There is no place like home …There is no place like home”.

DIY Glitter boots at This is Glamorous

DIY Glitter Fashion boot at This is Glamorous

Grab a pair of your kids keds and create their own pair of Missoni Sneakers minus the price-tag!  Find this step-by-step how-to slideshow at Refinery 29.

DIY Missoni Sneakers at Refinery 29

DIY designer sneakers.  All you need is a pair of sneakers (pref converse style sneakers) and some ribbon.  Head over to Seventeen’s DIY and waaaahhh laaaa.  You got yourself a pair of designer inspired Lanvins!

DIY Designer Inspired sneaker - Seventeen

I was initially searching for a DIY for studded pumps or flats.  I own a couple pairs of each, but I could not find a DIY that did not involve a drill and/or screw driver.  Since this is a kids friendly project I decided not to post this.  I finally came across a great DIY that looks just like studs but it is actually a sparkle fabric paint ….SCORE!  Go ahead and grab a pair of your tot’s sneakers or really any style shoe and apply it to their shoe tip or back of shoe using favecrafts DIY studded flat how-to.

DIY Studded Flats at favecrafts


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