Top 5 Spring 2012 Nail Colors

The Daily Bottle is a huge fan of nail polish.  Nail color is a great way to accessorize any outfit.  Here is the top 5 wearable nail colors for spring 2012:

  1. Glitter:  Shimmery beauty must haves!  The Daily Bottle loves adding a little bling to any outfit!  You can wear this alone or as a top coat to any nail color base. $8
  2. Neutral with a touch of pink!  Looking for a clean and classic color.  A dear friend gave me this great combo of nail colors years ago.  It has been my go-to nail color since.  Good thing neutrals never go out of style!  Daily Bottle Tip: Grab two nail polishes at the salon.  Essie Limo-scene & Essie Mademoiselle.  To find the names of the colors check out the bottom of the bottle.  Ask the nail wizard to use the Limo-scene as bottom coat and top it off with the Mademoiselle and waaahhh-laaa you have an instant american manicure.

    Limo-scene $8

  3. Tangerine.  Orange you happy you picked this color.  I haven’t tried this shade yet, but I will be experimenting come spring.  If this color is too bright for you, put it on your little tot.  Give her some color block by doing one nail orange and the next one a hot pink color.  Very cool!
  4. ♥  Starry Night.  A shimmery twist to Lincoln Park After Dark is OPI’s Lincoln Park after Midnight.  It’s edgy with a little metallic.

    Lincoln Park After Midnight $8.50

  5. Sally Hansen Salon Effects is an easy and affordable alternative to going to the nail salon.  Yes the first time applying can be tricky and frustrating but once you get the hang of it it’s like riding a bike.  Check out their new lace and leopard patterns.  Put a pattern on all nails, or just one and paint the rest with one of springs colors.  Anything goes with nail color!

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