3 Style Tips for Moms

  1. Spend it on Staples.  You may think celeb moms splurge on everything they wear, when in reality they usually spend it on a few key outfit items.  My mom gave me the best advice …if you have a nice bag and a good pair of shoes, with any outfit you will always look put together.  I live by this rule.  Take a look at your day-to-day wardrobe.  If you are an office mom on the go, pay a little extra for a good pair of black pumps or flats.  A well constructed pair can last a lifetime, and a black pair can be worn with any outfit.  The stay at home mom should invest in a great pair of black yoga pants and black leggings.  Get a couple of pairs that you can rotate throughout the week.  You dont need to spend a lot of money on leggings, just make sure that they are long and that there is enough room to pull them over your bum and than some.  Daily Bottle Tip: Air dry your yoga pants to help extend the life of them.  Rule of thumb mom: The things you would typically spend more on are the same items you paid extra for while you were preggers!  Click here  for more pics.


  2. Keep IT Simple.  With an easy breezy cotton scarf!  You can sport it to keep cozy or to give your outfit some extra style without trying.  Throw it in your bag when taking the kids to the mall or a restaurant.  Make it a travel must-have for flying, or just throw one on the back of your chair at work.  They come in all prints, patterns and fabrics.  You can find a quality one without breaking the bank at Marshalls, TjMaxx, Target or Kohls.  I just bought a leopard print cotton scarf.  I throw it on with a pair of jeans and a black long sleeve tee.  It gives me a chic look instantly without much effort.  Daily Bottle tip: Start off with solids, then graduate to prints/patterns. Click here for different ways to wear your scarf!
  3. Accessorize BIG!  The bigger the bag, the smaller you appear.  This trick isnt limited to totes.  Oversized sunglasses, belts and other accessories diminish your frame, belly and all!  Click here for more pics.



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